5 Tips for Taking the Family to Steamboat Springs

What better way to embrace winter than hitting the slopes with family? Steamboat Springs, Colorado is an ideal spot. It’s one of the largest ski mountains in North America and the town charms visitors with its authentic Western heritage. Navigate your way to the mountains with these five tips from family travel blogger, Caroline Drake of Armelle Blog:

Pick the right mountain.

Steamboat Springs skiing

Drake’s family loves Steamboat Springs for its family-friendly activities both on and off the slopes. There are plenty of wide open runs for all skill levels and little kid-friendly jumps. The Steamboat Resort Ski School is a great way to warm kids up on the mountain.

Pick the right lodging.

Steamboat Springs rentals

A family of five, Drake enjoys the extra space a vacation rental home offers. Staying in a four-bedroom townhome at Eagle Ridge Townhomes, Drake’s family enjoyed separate bedrooms, a fully-stocked kitchen, access to a fitness center, pool and a heated garage, which made suiting up much more comfortable.

Double check your gear.

Skiing in Colorado

To avoid meltdowns on the mountain, Drake advises families to check the fit of everyone’s gear before heading out. Don’t forget necessities like protective eyewear, sunblock, helmets, warm gloves, hand warmers and neckwear.

Be flexible.

Steamboat Snow Tubing

When traveling with kids, things might not always go according to plan. Drake encourages families to take this into account when planning activities. Be flexible for meals and schedule in downtime. If the kids are getting tired of skiing, take a day off to tube instead.

Be positive.

Steamboat family vacation

Drake’s final advice: have a good attitude. Set a good example for the kids and keep a smile on your face when hitting the mountain. Cheer each other on, keep getting up and trying again and approach the runs as a team.

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