A Guide to Whistler’s World-Class Biking Runs

With plenty of trails for every skill level, Whistler is on every mountain biker’s bucket list. Boasting variable terrain, Whistler’s extensive bike trail network is nothing short of phenomenal. The options range from green runs for the beginners to big technical drop features for the more ambitious, satisfying each enthusiast who tackles the trails. To help you navigate the network, here are the top green, blue and black-ranked runs in the world-class Whistler Bike Park along with the top scenic, all-mountain run:

Whistler Bike Trails

Best Technical Green: Del Boca Vista

Featuring roots, rocks and little drops all in a single track lane, this run pushes beginners to build their confidence. It also attracts those advanced riders who appreciate finesse combined with impeccable speed.

Best Intro-to-Jumping Blue: Crank It Up

Pushing you as hard as you want to go, this trail allows for as much applied intensity as the rider wants to give. With sweeping berms, forgiving wall rides and tabletops, the trail will get your blood pumping.  It attracts both beginners as they hone their jumping skills and advanced riders working to perfect their whips and tricks.

Most Famous Black: A-Line

Notoriously world-renowned, A-Line is on the list for each mountain biker who makes the trip to Whistler. Flawlessly executed jumps and steep drop-ins that rocket the rider to astronomical speeds, this adrenaline-fueling trail will have you itching for more.

Black All-Mountain Trail: Pura Vida

Featured in the Enduro World Series, this tight switchback single-track trail is often overlooked. The steep, root-exposed path follows a calming creek where you’ll encounter a visible cambered root section until the trail merges with the flank trail. Though it is quite a significant climb up, you’re rewarded with the tranquility of nature and less bike traffic.

Whistler is the place to be when it comes to perfecting your mountain biking skills. Gear up for adventure by planning your next Whistler vacation.