Avoid Vacation Chores & Housework with these 6 Tips

Renting a home for your next vacation has tons of perks: private bedrooms and shared living spaces to enjoy time together with a big group, a kitchen to add convenience to making beach lunches or family dinners, and a washer and dryer for long trips.

Private Chef Service

Having an entire home could sometimes mean you feel like you are taking care of housework – which is exactly what you wanted to avoid on vacation. It doesn’t have to be this way. Check out some pro tips to avoid cleaning the vacation rental:

Hire a private chef: Contact local restaurants or catering services and hire a private chef service to cook for your group. This feels luxurious, but can sometimes end up costing the same (or less) compared to going out to a restaurant for dinner. It cuts out the need for reservations, transportation, and the hassle of getting the whole group showered and out the door.

Add on daily housekeeping services: Don’t want to make your bed every day or tidy up after the kids? Focus on the fun vacation ideas for the family — pick a rental that offers daily housekeeping in the package. While others don’t, there is often the option to add daily housekeeping for a fee to take the housework off your plate.

Fresh Grocery Delivery Online

Make use of grocery delivery services: If going to the grocery store to stock up on supplies is your idea of vacation torture, fresh grocery delivery services may be the answer. Check and see if Amazon Fresh or local grocery stores nearby will deliver. Or, many grocery stores will do the shopping for you — you just pick it up already packed in grocery bags.

Go professionally managed: You have two options when renting a house: book through the owner, or book through a professional vacation home manager. By working with the latter, you’re ensured a professionally cleaned rental, plus a maintenance team to make sure you don’t end up working on house projects yourself on your vacation.

Divide responsibilities amongst the group: If you are going with several families, work out a plan ahead of time. If each family signs up to handle cooking and cleaning for one day, then everyone gets a fully relaxed experience for most of the trip.

Fresh Grocery Delivery Online

Make food ahead of time: This tip means a bit more work before your trip, but will save you so much time on vacation. Many dishes can be made ahead and then just reheated for a dinner during your trip. Things like lasagna, eggplant parmigiana, burritos, quiches, and many desserts are all good choices that keep well. This will cut down on your cooking time, leaving you more time for things to do on vacation. And, if you store them in recyclable oven-safe dishes, cleanup will be a breeze as well.

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