Let Your Bucket List Inspire Your Next Vacation

American travelers today are looking to get more out of their vacation ideas. No longer content just hitting the regular tourist hotspots, they want to explore a destination’s local culture and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences. In an American Express survey, over 72 percent of respondents said they would rather spend money on experiences than thing and nearly 9 in 10 said travel is the number one item on their life’s bucket list. Let your bucket list dictate your next trip.

Bucket List Vacation Ideas

Here are some cool vacation experiences you can enjoy on your next trip:

Entertainment experiences. Consider an entertainment vacation experience for your next trip. Not only will you be surrounded with like-minded travelers, but you can “geek out” together too. Get tickets to a local show, like a comedy club or dinner theater, when you first book your stay to make sure you get the best seats.

Get in touch with nature. Many vacation resorts offer experiences that help you get one step closer to nature through excursions to nature preserves or scuba diving a coral reef. Don’t be afraid to do some research on the most popular hikes in the area, or discover a new gem for yourself. Even taking an early morning jog on the beach and watching the sun rise can be transformative.

Something for the kids. Do you plan your vacation around what your kids love? Many places around the country are designated as the best places to visit with the kids, like Orlando, Florida, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Visiting one of these destinations specifically for the little ones is sure to help get the kids on board for a great vacation. Not sure where to go? Make it a fun activity with your children to pick out a spot.

Food Tourism. Base your next vacation around your favorite tastes! According to Mandala Research, 77 percent of leisure travelers participate in culinary activities on vacation. From cooking classes and on-site farmer’s markets to farm-to-table dining and homemade local cuisine, get the best eats around the world by choosing a destination’s where you know you’ll be in food heaven. Do a little research before you go on what’s in season in the area and what to order when you go out to eat.

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