Mom of Four Shares Her Vacation Planning Tips

Vacation planning should be fun, but when you have kids to keep in mind, it can get stressful. Kathleen Bunn, of, shares her tried-and-true tips for setting stress aside and focusing on making incredible vacation memories:

Vacation Planning Tips

Make planning fun. Instead of letting the trip rest solely on your shoulders, give everyone some say. “You can get the kids involved in the planning too, and it really goes a long way to making sure that everyone enjoys what you do on your trip,” says Bunn.

Be prepared for obstacles. “The boys and I have yet to go on a vacation where everything went perfectly… Being prepared for these obstacles can really make a difference in the way you react to them when they occur.”

Go to the experts for help. “You wouldn’t take your car to a supermarket to be repaired would you? No, you would take it to a certified mechanic. The same should be true for your vacation. Seeking out the help of an expert…can help you plan a trip without all of the extra stress of doing it on your own.”

Bring the comfort of home with you. From extra space and privacy to conveniences like having your own kitchen, Bunn points to vacation rental homes as a way to alleviate common stressors.

Keep the kids occupied. “Whether you are flying or driving to your vacation destination, one of the most stressful aspects of a vacation can be traveling with bored children…Put together small travel kits full of activities and snacks to keep them busy and happy. Download favorite apps or movies on mobile devices or create travel journals full of interesting travel related games.”

Read Bunn’s full tips here, and start planning your own family getaway.