5 Reasons to Visit Panama City Beach for the Holidays

We’ve all had that moment of exhaustion. It typically settles in when you’re staring down the 10th batch of cookies you committed to, or when Amazon only carries a used version of that very special toy that will most certainly mold the next 10 years of your child’s life, or so they think. With all of this work, it’s easy to miss out on the joy and wonder of the holiday season, and a visit to Panama City Beach, Florida, has everything you need to enjoy the holidays to the fullest!

Here are five reasons why a holiday trip to Panama City Beach should be your present to yourself:

Great rates on vacation rentals.

If you’ve ever had a reverse commute, take a moment to sit back and reminisce with us. Remember driving the speed limit (maybe slightly over, let’s be honest) down the highway to your home at 5:05pm. Clear road ahead of you, bumper to bumper traffic to the left of you. Reverse commutes are awesome! That concept exists here. Enjoy Panama City Beach as if you’re a local, enjoying the tranquil beach and a kicked back lifestyle, and save on your vacation rental with 30 percent off three or more nights.

All the holiday cheer, none of the holiday weather.

If we said ‘things that make you cheery’ your answer may be ‘what is parades’, and while we’re sure you have a local parade where you live, Panama City Beach has the Optimist Christmas Parade right across the street from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Enjoy a festive show of marching bands and candy slinging at Pier Park and along Front Beach Road on December 10.

Holiday Vacation

If you’re craving wonderland, Broadway has you covered!

When you start yearning for hot chocolate, eggnog and other wonderland treats, forego the calories and get your wonder-lust fix by going to the Broadway Christmas Wonderland, a family-friendly holiday show that takes you through an unforgettable nostalgic Christmas Journey. Taking place at the Marina Civic Center on December 19.

Explaining to your children how Santa knows where you are.

One of the best parts of traveling for the holidays is coming up with elaborate stories for your children! How does Santa know you’re on vacation? How is he going to get to the 20th floor of you high-rise condominium? Our personal favorite – Santa has a special app, much like Find my iPhone, which sorts children in naughty and nice categories, and then he prioritizes accordingly. Book your stay now, and start coming up with your own story!

A ball drop like no other- beach balls!

New Years Eve is a special time, where resolutions are made, appreciation and thanks are given, and 10,000 beach balls fall from the sky! Okay, so the first two happen everywhere, but a beach ball drop of 10,000 beach balls for kids earlier in the night, followed by a massive sparkling beach ball drop for the adults at midnight, is something only Panama City Beach can claim. You don’t want to miss the New Years Eve Beach Ball Drop at Pier Park.