Recipe for Homemade, Dairy-Free Pineapple Banana Ice Cream

The other evening, I heard the familiar and sentimental melody of an ice cream truck making its rounds through our neighborhood. It took every piece of self-control within me not to make a run for the truck before it passed my house. There is nothing quite like the creamy, dreamy, qualities of ice cream that make even the hottest day a bearable one.

To this day, pineapple banana ice cream is still one of my favorite desserts, but due to food sensitivities or dietary restrictions, many feel like they can no longer partake in the frozen delicacy. What if I told you that not only can you enjoy a giant scoop (or two) of ice cream again, but that it's dairy free, delicious and pretty healthy too? You'd love me right? Well, stay tuned.

Dairy-Free Pineapple Ice Cream

I may have forgotten to mention that this dairy-free ice cream recipe includes only three ingredients, and this ice cream is also churn-free. Even if you're not dairy sensitive or vegan, this recipe is sure to please any palate and is a cinch to make on vacation.

We start by chopping a fresh pineapple into half inch chunks, slicing three ripe bananas and placing the contents into a freezer safe bag. You can also save this step by purchasing frozen pineapple at the grocery store. These frozen fruits are frozen at their peak ripeness so the flavor will still be very much intact.

Once the fruits are frozen, pour a little more than two cups of the pineapple and the bananas in a blender. Add a quarter cup of juice to the mix. We used orange juice for its tasty tang, but if you're looking for a richer texture, almond or nut milk would be a great substitute.

We pulsed the concoction until everything smoothed out. If your blender has a difficult time crushing the frozen fruit, there are two steps that can help. You can either freeze the fruit to frosty rather than fully-frozen, or add a tablespoon more liquid to the blender at a time.

As is, the texture should be like extra fluffy soft serve. If you want a denser consistency, place the mixed dessert in a sealed container that will be easy to scoop from, and place it in the freezer for 15-30 minutes.

Homemade Soft Serve Ice Cream

Once the homemade soft serve ice cream the perfect texture for your palate, all that's left to do is grab a spoon and enjoy. The pineapple in this recipe can easily be substituted for another frozen fruit like peaches or strawberries.

Be sure to let us know if you'd like to see more dairy-free recipes like this one in the comments below!

Dairy-Free Pineapple Banana Ice Cream

2-2 ½ Cups Pineapple, Frozen, ½ inch chunks

2 Ripe Bananas, Frozen, chopped

¼ Cup Orange Juice or Almond Milk

Place all three ingredients in a blender and pulse until smooth. If the blender has difficulty blending the frozen fruit, either allow fruit to thaw slightly (10-15 minutes) OR add more liquid 1 TBSP at time, taking care not to make the mix too soupy. If a firmer texture is desired, place ice cream in a sealed container and keep in the freezer for 15-30 minutes.