Stress-free Family Travel to Park City, Utah

Summer is the perfect time for family, days without school and, most of all, enjoying your vacation. However, planning a vacation to fit everyone’s needs can be stressful. Our friend Jen over at Tatertots and Jello can relate! Jen has kids ranging from tween to college age adults that she needs to plan for, but she recently took a successful trip with all of them to Park City, Utah.

Check out some of her tips for stress-free family travel:

Involve Your Kids in Planning Your Trip

Family Vacation in Park City

Park City was somewhere close to home that all the kids wanted to go with plenty of activities and to dos. Going somewhere close to home also made the trip less stressful, which proves you don’t have to travel far to have a wonderful vacation.

Consider a Condo

Park City Rentals

Our rental was a three story condo so there was room for everyone. I loved having a kitchen, and one morning, we made pancakes for breakfast! By going to the grocery store when we arrived, we always had food for hungry teenagers and snacks for game night. The washer/dryer in the unit was also super convenient, so we could wash our clothes that got dirty hiking and tubing.

Keep a Flexible Schedule

Trolley in Park City

It’s great to research the city or area you are going to be visiting, but don’t have a schedule that is so rigid that you can’t add in a few last-minute things. In Park City, we found a really cool Haunted Tour that we didn’t know before we planned the trip.

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