We Travel for Culture | Exploring the Arts of Northwest Florida – Part 3

We know Sean Dietrich, AKA Sean of the South, is a man of many talents, but he's most well-known for his writing. He may not like to call himself a writer, but with over 36,000 followers on his Facebook page and 7 books published, we think he might have found a calling. He's not your typical writer though; you won't find blogs about pop-culture or hot-button topics. His view point: "Nobody gives a d@#n what I have to say about it."

Author Sean of the South

Sean's blogs instead focus on the people he finds most interesting. "The unrecognized, who think they're nothing. People you'll never hear about. The unpopular, unknown, and under-appreciated." In Northwest Florida, that might include a waitress serving sweet tea in a small-town diner, or a long-time resident who befriended a homeless girl and gave her a place to stay.

Northwest Florida Arts

He started his “Sean of the South” blog in 2014, writing about the things he loves - to include fishing and biscuits. Sean isn't new to writing, though. As a child, he wrote passionately about "tales of the high-seas, shameless vixens, and steamy scenarios combining both of the aforementioned." Luckily, Sean wasn't too discouraged when his fifth-grade teacher found one of his notebooks and told him he wrote with too many commas. With perfect retort, Sean says in his biography, "That, old, woman, never, liked, me."

For more about Sean of the South and the Northwest Florida culture that inspires his profound writing, watch his mini-documentary below: