Four Day Weekend Vacation Ideas

A four-day weekend can have a magical impact on you and your family. The anticipation of a long weekend, the shortened work week, and the quality family time make a perfect recipe for fun.

While your week-long summer trip may be in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to plan a shorter – but equally satisfying – getaway to get you through the fall. Pick a theme, and the destination will come along with it. Here are a few ideas for a four-day trip:

Palm Springs Vacation Ideas

Explore the Capital of Mid-century Modern – Palm Springs

If you want some warmth, soak up the sun with some Palm Springs vacation ideas. Even the farmhouse-loving Joanna Gaines gets on-board with mid-century modern style now and then, and you should too! Palm Springs is the unofficial capital of this style of architecture and design, and you can spend a long weekend immersing yourself in the characteristic building filled with glass, clean lines, natural resources and indoor/outdoor spaces. Rent a home to fully live in the style, and then explore the surrounding area. Take a local design tour, or catch all of the most Instagrammable doors in Palm Springs (check out #thatpinkdoor on Instagram). If you plan the trip for February, you can even catch some of the 350 events associated with the annual Modernism Week.

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Smoky Mountains Vacation Ideas

Go Device-less and Get Back to Nature - Tennessee

We are more connected than ever before, which certainly has its advantages. But it also means that we are often distracted and not always able to truly focus on our friends and family when we are spending time with them. As an experiment, take a four-day weekend, no devices allowed!

A great vacation spot to do this is the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, where you can stay in a luxurious cabin, enjoy long hikes amid the fall foliage, and enjoy the delightful kitschy-ness of Dollywood, Dolly Parton’s theme park.

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Park City Vacation ideas

Take Flight in a Hot Air Balloon – Park City

A hot air balloon ride is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it may involve less planning than you think! There are many locations with reputable vendors who can take you on the ultimate adventure. Why not plan a four-day weekend and check this off your bucket list?

Park City, Utah, is a great vacation spot to give this a try. With the beautiful landscape, the views will be hard to beat, especially in the fall when the trees are alight with color. Several great companies operate here, offering flights year-round. They often offer a complete experience with meals, champagne, transportation to the site, and sunrise views, depending on your preferences. You can also catch the Autumn Aloft Balloon Festival in mid-September, when dozens of hot air balloons rise from the same spot for a visual spectacle of color.

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Hilton Head Vacation Ideas

Recreate Summer Camp on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Fall may be approaching, but you can hang on to the summertime feeling a bit longer by planning a four-day weekend full of activities on Hilton Head Island for your family. The weather remains beautiful, and you can fill your days with a slew of Hilton Head vacation ideas. Try kayaking or paddleboarding, take a ride on some of the more than 60 miles of bike trails, try one of the world-class golf courses, or pick up a racquet and hit the tennis courts. Learn the history of and fully enjoy the Lowcountry cuisine while you’re there, and you’ll return home relaxed and rejuvenated.

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