4 Steps to Get Your Vacation Rental Kitchen Ready for Guests

The vacation needs of a guest seeking a hotel room and a guest seeking a vacation rental are vastly different. When travelers opt for vacation rentals, they’re often in search of a home-away-from-home, with everything they need to stay in and experience the destination like a local. To help offer that experience, it’s important to make sure your vacation rental is ready to welcome your guests, starting with the kitchen.

vacation rental owner kitchen tips

To make sure your kitchen is providing that warm welcome, run through these quick steps yourself first:

Cook a big meal yourself.

The best way to determine if you have adequate kitchen accessories is to put your kitchen to the test. Invite over some family or friends and cook a big dinner in your vacation rental. Guests expect a vacation rental to be equal to or better than their personal residence, which means they plan to use the kitchen. When you’re cooking, you’ll quickly find any areas where you come up short - a baking dish to roast potatoes, a skillet large enough to fit four chicken breasts, a slotted spoon, etc. Then, make sure to go out and stock up on those items, because the frustration you feel when you go to shred cheese for tacos, only to find out there isn’t a shedder, is the same frustration your guest will feel.

Make sure there are sufficient utensils.

Large vacation rental homes can be moneymakers, but just remember, the more people it sleeps means the more mouths it has to feed. Make sure you have enough kitchen utensils to take your guests through two meals, at a minimum. Don’t forget, they are on vacation! They don’t want to wash the utensils immediately after each meal, so having a sufficient amount will ensure they can relax between dishes.

Match up your sets.

This step is a nod to the overall décor of your vacation rental. Guests can see when an owner takes pride in their property. It’s shown through the overall condition, updates, décor, and kitchen presentation, including matching dishes and glasses. Don’t throw out the amazing collection of local coffee mugs you’ve acquired over time - they’re a great touch! But when it comes to dishware and glassware, provide matching sets. It ties the kitchen together nicely, creating order in a sometimes chaotic area. For efficiency, choose a common brand and standard pattern so replacing them is easy.

If you can, stock the basics.

Whether a guest is driving or flying to your destination, it’s impossible for them to remember everything, so if you’re able, stock the basics in your vacation rental. Not having to worry about buying salt and pepper at the grocery store is much appreciated by a guest. It’s one of those everyday items you take for granted and easily forget about until you need it. Things like a small bottle of olive oil, aluminum foil and saran wrap are all necessities in the kitchen, but often used in small quantities. Having them on hand will surely put a relieved smile on your guest’s face.

When it comes to vacationing, your vacation rental home is just as much a part of the guest experience as the destination itself. While it may seem like a lot of legwork to manage, a professional manager like Wyndham Vacation Rentals can do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. For help getting started, contact our Owner Relations team.


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