5 Benefits of Traveling with Grandparents on Summer Vacation

Traveling is your chance to escape everyday life, relax and enjoy new adventures. But for many with young kids or newborns, a summer trip with the family isn’t truly a vacation unless other people are there to help. And what better people to join you in creating lasting memories than your parents?

Traveling with Grandparents on Summer Vacation

While vacationing with grandparents and kids can create some challenges, you’ll likely find yourself inviting them again and again. Here are 5 benefits of traveling with grandparents on summer vacation:

1. Your Kids Can Spend Quality Time with Their Grandparents

If grandma and grandpa don’t live nearby, creating cherished memories with them might not be easy. Plan your family vacation with them knowing that it is the perfect time for your children and their grandparents to bond.

Think of a few fun, low-stress activities that your family can enjoy together like sand castle building on the beach, boat cruises, picnics, museum visits, or theme parks. Be sure to pack some puzzles and games to play for downtime in the rental home.

2. You’ll Save Money by Sharing Costs

If you’re on a tight budget or just want additional space, having your parents with you to split the cost of your vacation rental can help tremendously. For a larger group, you’ll want extra space, so consider renting a bigger, multi-bedroom home. Thanks to dividing costs, you’ll be able to use your savings toward activities, meals and souvenirs instead.

3. Grandma and Grandpa to the Rescue!

When traveling with grandma and grandpa, you’ll have some assistance with the kids. If you have multiple young children or if it’s your first vacation with a new baby, you know you can use all the help you can get! Plus, with a few extra eyes on your little ones at the beach, pool or wherever you are, you’ll be able to relax a bit more about their safety.

4. You’ll Have Some Alone Time with Your Spouse

With the grandparents vacationing with you, you can escape with your significant other for some much-needed alone time. Ask your parents if they wouldn’t mind taking the kids off your hands for a bit while you enjoy a date night or activity. Consider booking a couple’s massage or making a dinner reservation for just the two of you. Don’t worry; your kids will have just as much fun with their favorite babysitters.

5. You All Get to Experience New Things as a Family

Since your parents’ interests likely differ from yours, you’ll each have the opportunity to visit attractions and experience activities you may not have chosen yourself. You may be surprised by how much you enjoy these new things! Plus, you’ll get to see your parents in their element introducing some of their interests and favorite things to their grandchildren.

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