5 Ways the Mountains Can Help You Live Well

With crisp air, stunning views and tranquility, the mountains are a source of happiness for many people. Those people are certainly on to something, as The Huffington Post explains in the article, “5 Ways Mountains Can Help You Lead a Happier, Healthier and Longer Life.” Here’s a peek at some of their reasons:

Healthy Activities in the Mountains

Altitude has health benefits

The Huffington Post provides recent research confirming a link between high altitude and weight loss. It’s no surprise then that mountain states like Colorado and Utah hold some of the lowest obesity rates in the country. The article also suggests the benefit it might offer heart health.

The mountains inspire activity

There’s a long list of mountain sports, from hiking and biking to rock-climbing. These activities help build endurance and strength and do the body good in a number of different ways.

Mountain air is refreshing

Not only does the fresh air on mountaintops mean less pollution, but one of the most prevalent scents (pine) also has perks. Studies have shown that the aroma can help zap stress and promote good sleep.

Check out the full article here to read the research. Inspired to visit the peaks? Browse vacation home rentals in some of the top mountain destinations.