6 Destinations that Make for the Best Off-Season Vacations

If you can avoid peak vacation season, do it! When you travel during a destination’s off-season, you can get into that amazing new restaurant, get cheaper rates, avoid crowds and enjoy your vacation that much more. These six inexpensive vacation spots all have amazing off-seasons:

Palm Springs, California – Summer & Fall

Inexpensive Vacation Spots

Though Palm Springs is a gorgeous desert destination all year round, you’ll want to avoid its high season in the winter and spring, as it stays warm when the surrounding area cools down. In the summer, Palm Springs is a little warmer than some prefer but it’s also the perfect time for a relaxing dip by the pool. After the sun sets and the temperatures cool down, take to the town to get the most out of the shopping, eateries and more! Once the fall temperatures hit, the prices will start to climb, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the benefits of traveling off-season.

Mountain Towns – Spring and Fall

Cheap Spring Vacations

Many ski towns are packed during the winter months, and most have invested in developing a lively summer season too from music festivals to kid-centric events.  If you’re looking for some great hiking, biking or just getting out in nature, head to these mountains in the spring or fall for the best temperatures for outdoor fun as well as the best rates.

East Coast Beaches – September/October

Cheap Places to Travel in September

East Coast beaches, like those in Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina and more, can be quite costly in the summer time. The prime time season usually runs from late May through August, but once Labor Day passes, rates start to drop dramatically. It tops the list of cheap places to travel in September. These beach destinations typically stay warm, even after the kids return to school, and have even fewer crowds, making it that much more enjoyable of a vacation.

Florida & Alabama Beaches – Fall and Winter

Off-Season Travel Deals

While the northern half of the U.S. is getting snow, Florida and Alabama typically stay pretty warm. Anyone who’s visited the Gulf Coast in the summer time knows it can be hot, humid and buggy, but once the fall comes around, things start to cool down and many people are better able to enjoy the tempered warmth. Even come winter, the temperatures typically stay in the mid-60s to 70s, which is still warm enough to enjoy the emerald green Gulf waters and white sand beaches. On top of it all, it makes for a cheap January vacation, and that restaurant you’ve been dying to try during the peak-season now has availability.

The Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee – Spring

Off-Season Vacations

If you didn’t already know, there are two peak seasons in the Smoky Mountains: mid-summer (June 15 – August 15) and the entire month of October. During the weekends in October, leaf-peepers come in droves, making the area especially crowded and traffic delays the norm. We recommend visiting Smoky Mountains in the spring. You will not only be able to get a great deal but it’s a great time to hike, as the weather isn’t mind-numbingly hot and the older kids are still in school.

European Travel – May, June & September

Peak Vacation Season

Take a trip over the pond for a European vacation! During May, June and September, you’ll find that prices are reasonable, crowds are small and weather is agreeable. If you push your trip to Europe to November through March, you may get even cheaper rates, but you’re taking a gamble with the weather. Depending on your dream destination, it gets pretty cold, rainy and windy, though Mediterranean destinations can still be enjoyable.


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