6 Reasons to Spend Christmas at the Beach | Vacation Ideas

When you think about the holidays, thoughts of snowflakes, hot cocoa and fireside family snuggles might come to mind. But as the dates start inching closer, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with shopping, wrapping, baking and preparing for guests. It might be hard to take that leap and change things up, since the season is tied to tradition. However, you might be surprised to find that bringing Christmas to the beach can be easier than you think. Here are 5 reasons to consider going to the beach to escape winter:

Beach Travel for Winter Escapes

The holiday rush can burn you out.

Experts have suggested that there is more stress put on people during the holidays than there is during any other time of year. Emergency rooms even see more people for stress-related illness in the months of November and December than they do in other two-month periods. Instead of stressing about making the holidays perfect for everyone, allow yourself the freedom to celebrate the holidays with beach-themed vacations.

You can still have a white Christmas.

With beaches like those along Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast, you’ll find sugar-white sand to stand in for snow. The kids can play outside without worrying about cold temperatures, while you dig your toes in and indulge in a holiday read.

You’ll start new traditions.

If you keep yourselves open to exploring new destinations, you might find new traditions to enjoy year-after-year. Maybe it’s the same vacation rental home you retreat to each holiday season, or a local holiday festival you can’t miss. If your family is on the adventurous side, maybe your tradition becomes experiencing a new place each year and immersing yourself in their unique celebrations.

There are plenty of deals.

Winter is shoulder season for many beach destinations, making it an ideal time for finding great travel deals on accommodations and attractions. If you’re not one to plan far in advance, you might also find some great last-minute deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Memories make great gifts.

If your mom and dad have everything, instead of wandering store aisles to find the perfect gift, bring them along on your getaway. Spending quality time with their children and grandchildren will beat any gift you can buy off the shelf. Wrap up picture frames that they can fill with memories from the trip.

You can re-create home.

Christmas is celebrated at the beach too! You don’t have to give up your traditions just because you’re heading to the coast. Pack your stockings and book a vacation rental home with a fireplace, so you can assure your kids Santa will still find them. Whip up your favorite holiday dishes in the kitchen, or visit a local tree farm if a fresh-cut tree is on your must-have list.

Start looking for your holiday home.