Armelle Blog Shares 4 Secrets for a Successful Family Ski Vacation

Caroline Drake of Armelle Blog is an avid skier, along with her husband and their three kids. But traveling with little ones in tow – especially on a ski vacation – can be a lot to manage. Drake tackles the topic in her latest blog post. From planning and packing to travel and activities, here are Drake’s four tried and true tips for making your next family ski vacation fun for everyone:

Family Ski Vacation Ideas

Find the right accommodations.

With all the gear and winter clothing you bring on a ski trip, having a place to spread out and store everything is important. For families, a prime location near the slopes is ideal too, so you can take breaks and manage snack and nap schedules.

Drake shares: “[In Vail] we stayed at Lion Square Lodge right at the gondola. Our place was unit 115, and it was ideal for a family ski trip! It was just steps from the gondola, and it was such easy access and made it so nice to just gear up and ski in and ski out. They also store your skis for you right there at the base of the mountain! It was so nice to be right on the mountain to come back for lunch or a quick break if needed!”

Family Ski Vacation Tips

Pick the right ski resort.

“When you are skiing with kids, you really want to take into consideration the ski resort you choose,” explains Drake. “Do they offer terrain that is kid friendly for your level of skier? Do they have a good ski school, if you plan to enroll your kids? How many lodges do they have on the mountain? Do they have family-friendly lifts? How long are the lift lines? All things to consider when skiing with kids.”

Tips for Skiing with Kids

Have a plan for meals and snacks.

When kids get tired or hungry, it can make for a grumpy experience. “Make sure you have a game plan when it comes to snacks and meals,” Drake advises. “We always pack on-the-go snacks while we are on the mountain in case someone gets hungry they can quickly have a bite on the lift!” For meals, “make sure your kids eat a good breakfast so they won’t be complaining of hunger the minute you hit the mountain,” Drake continues. Plan ahead for lunch and dinner too to avoid major meltdowns.

Family Ski Tips

Pack your gear wisely.

“If [your kids] are ill prepared to face the mountain, then it will most likely be a miserable day for everyone involved,” shares Drake. She advises packing a good pair of ski socks, a good base layer, an extra layer, neck protection, gloves and hand warmers, a good quality ski coat and pants, a ski helmet, eye protection, and ski boots and gear.

Read Drake’s full post here, or get a head start on planning your next family ski vacation.