5 Tips for a Perfect Beach Wedding

When it comes to planning the big day, it’s all about the details – both big and small.  Those “little extras” have the ability to wow and make your wedding just a little more special.  Our beach wedding experts from Destin, Florida, have shared a few tips you can incorporate in your coastal nuptials.

Beach wedding tips

Keep Cool

Avoid discomfort with outdoor celebrations in the heat by keeping your friends and family hydrated and cool.  Setup a themed beverage station for your beach ceremony that incorporates your style and features refreshing drinks.  Fruit infused waters, lemonades and iced teas are great options!  You can also put your programs to work!  If you and your loved one plan to have a program for the ceremony, many companies make “program fans.”  Guests can reference the second reading while giving themselves a nice breeze.

Be Barefoot and Blissful

Nothing puts the perfect touch on a trip to the beach like putting your toes in the sand.  Setup a cute sign and basket suggesting your guests ditch their footwear and start vacationing.  You can take it a step further and provide mini-brushes for guests to “brush the beach from their feet” after the ceremony.  Take the struggle of wearing footwear in the sand and turn it into an immersive beach experience.

Flexible Décor

The beauty (aside from the dazzling water and bright beaches) of getting married on the beach is the backdrop is already awe-inspiring. This allows you to go as simple or ornate with your theme and decorations.  The subtle, calming colors are flexible, so you do not need to worry about matching your perfect plans with the natural surroundings.  If you want to go simple, no problem!  The view for your guests is already magnificent, so going simple with the décor will give you a little more time to daydream about relaxing on the beach.

Beach weddings, Destin, Florida

Bonfires & Boils

Need a creative rehearsal dinner idea?  Plan a beach bonfire for your close friends and family, and watch the sunset while roasting marshmallows to the sound of the waves. Selecting a wedding destination close to the water also gives you ample access to some of the best seafood.  Pamper your guests and pick up some of the day’s fresh catches and prepare a seafood feast or a shrimp boil.

Enjoy and RELAX

Everyone comes to the beach to unwind and relax, so keep the “beach life” mentality throughout the planning process.  If you are having a destination wedding, locate the top providers in the area that can make your dream wedding come to life without the stress.  Remember that vendor involvement falls on a spectrum, and you can decide how much or how little they are responsible for on your wedding day.

Your beach wedding is waiting to be planned! Start your research by checking out some of these wedding beach guides.