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If you bought your home for its character, then don’t settle for a cookie-cutter vacation rental! There are plenty of options with a rich and colorful past that will charm history buffs as much as your real home. Whether you’re renting a French, English or Italian historic home, take your pick from these five rental homes with an interesting backstory:

17th Century French Castle

Dream Victorian Castle

Château de Villejovet stands out among the many Victorian homes in quiet Ardentes. This 17th century castle built in France’s Centre-Loire Valley region surrounded by lush green meadows and charming vineyards. It’s just a stone’s throw from a river, this extravagant rental was once owned by the de Gaulle administration (Charles de Gaulle, ring a bell!?).  You’ll have no problem getting lost among its 30+ rooms. The only decisions you’ll have to make will be whether to dine in the Provencal kitchen or the fantastic, atmospheric wine cellar that seats 40.

18th Century Italian Flour Mill

Historic Properties

Originally used to make flour from chestnuts more than 1,000 years ago, this mill rental also served as a turbine to produce electricity during the 2nd World War. It’s a dream for water lover’s and history buffs! The terraced property has multiple pools and natural basins throughout the grounds, including a waterfall. Its rustic, cozy interior only complements the surrounding forests of the Casentino area. And if you’re feeling artistic, the owner is a well-known painter in Tuscany and arranges painting classes.

16th Century English Water Mill

Historical Homes

One of Derbyshire’s oldest surviving water mills, this property once milled corn as far back as the 1500s. Staying in this rental fondly dubbed the “Water Mill,” you’ll vacation among ancient stonework, oak beams and centuries-old millstones and equipment. The historic property was thoughtfully incorporated into a luxurious and comfortable design that includes an ever-so-popular hot tub! Stay and relax or discover the fun of the Peak District. The home is just minutes away from the district’s markets and villages, historic homes, famous garden and miles of walking and cycling on Tissington Trail.

18th Century French Farm House

Old-Style Ranch Home

This beautifully restored farmhouse just outside Bergerac is the perfect launch pad for discovering the numerous Chateaux, vineyards, prehistoric sites and eateries that make this region of France famous. You’ll have nine acres of private land to enjoy, including gardens, a swimming pool and farm animals tended to by the owner if you wish to pay them a visit.

14th Century Italian Castle

Old Mansions & Castles

Castello Rocchette in Bagnoregio, Italy has everything you’d want in a castle – a courtyard, drawbridge and all the intrigue of underground passages, cellars, caves and long lit staircases. Set between two valleys, this rental has amazing panoramic views of the surrounding area. Swim in the pool, walk the estate or enjoy a meal by a local resident that you can hire as your chef.

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