Best Ski Runs in Whistler for Kids Just Learning

Whistler Blackcomb ski area is vast, with just over 8000 acres of skiable terrain, making it one of the largest resorts in the world. A lot of this skiable terrain is made up of green and easy blue runs, making it the perfect place for beginners just learning. Whistler Blackcomb’s beginner terrain is also spread out across the whole resort, which means beginners get to experience the whole mountain too, even the stunning views from the highest peaks. Whistler Blackcomb consists of two mountains, Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain. Both are great for beginners and we have singled out the best runs and areas for you and your kids to go and enjoy!

kids skiing

Whistler Mountain

For kids who have never skied before, take the Whistler Village Gondola to mid-station and enjoy the flatter, easy terrain under the Olympic Chair. With magic carpets to take you up the small slopes, you don’t have to master chair lifts straight away and it gives you the chance to get your ski legs and practice stopping and turning. Once you’re feeling a bit more confident, you can take the Olympic Chair up a little bit higher and practice on slightly steeper green runs like Upper Fantastic and It Happens.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, take the Whistler Village Gondola all the way to the Roundhouse Lodge, which has an elevation of 1850m and stunning views to enjoy. Make sure to get a photo with the Olympic Rings and why not pop into Roundhouse Lodge for a hot chocolate or a delicious lunch. From here take a left past the Peak 2 Peak, and you have a choice between Ego Bowl and Upper Whiskey Jack.  Ego Bowl is perfect for beginners because it is very wide, giving the kids lots of opportunities to practice their turns. Ego Bowl links up with Lower Whiskey Jack, another nice green run, just before you arrive at Emerald 6 Express Chair. Get on the lift and do it all again, maybe choosing Upper Whiskey Jack trail this time to experience them all. Upper Whiskey Jack also links up with or leads to lots of other green runs such as Papoose, Pony Trail and Bear Cub which are all nice green runs that take you to Big Red Express Chair.

For spectacular views, take the Harmony 6 Express Chair to Little Whistler Peak, an elevation of 2115m. From there you can take Burnt Stew Trail back down to mid-station. This is a mellow cat track that takes you around the edge of the mountain. When you’re ready to head back to the village, Lower Olympic trail is the best option, a steady green run that goes from the Whistler Village Gondola mid-station.

Blackcomb Mountain

If you want to experience the joys of Blackcomb Mountain, you can upload from the base of Upper Village on the Blackcomb Gondola, take the Excalibur Gondola from Whistler Village or even take the Peak 2 Peak across the two mountains. Once you’re on Blackcomb Mountain, there are lots more green runs to explore.

For complete beginners, the best place to start on Blackcomb Mountain is at the base area in Upper Village, under Magic Chair. There are magic carpets to take you up the steady slope and build your confidence before taking Magic Chair a bit higher and mastering the Yellow Brick Road trail. Once you’re ready take the Blackcomb Gondola and either go all the way to Rendezvous or get off at mid-station and practice skiing back down to the village. If you get off at mid-station, Green Line trail is a nice run back to the village and you have a choice between taking Sideline and Yellow Brick Road back to the Upper Village or Village Run trail back to Whistler Village. If you’ve decided to take the Blackcomb Gondola all the way to Rendezvous, you’ll be rewarded with amazing views. From here, you can take Expressway and cut off onto Easy Out, a lovely run that weaves its way back down to mid-station. This gives the kids the perfect opportunity to practice doing a long run in one go. Easy Out also links up with the Terrain Garden, a perfect spot for those brave kids to give small jumps a try.

For those kids wanting a bit more of an adventure and a chance to get the whole mountain experience, take Expressway from Rendezvous all the way to the bottom of 7th Heaven Express Chair. Once at the top of 7th Heaven Express, Green Line is a steady green run that leads back down to Rendezvous while giving you breathtaking views. Sunset Boulevard is also a lovely green run that goes from the bottom of 7th Heaven Express and links up with Easy Out and subsequently, Green Line, leading you all the way back to the village.

If the kids get tired of skiing or boarding, there is always The Magic Castle on Blackcomb and the Tree Fort on Whistler to play in and enjoy the snow. These outdoor play areas are perfect for the kids to experience the magic of the snowy wonderland. The Tree Fort can be found just off Bear Cub trial on Whistler Mountain and the Magic Castle can be found on Blackcomb Mountain in the Children’s Adventure Park, which can be accessed by Easy Out trail. The Coca-Cola Tube Park, located on Blackcomb Mountain, by parking lot 7 and 8 is also the perfect place to play at the end of the day.

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