Best Things to Do in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

Australian bloggers Caz and Craig of y Travel Blog headed to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama and discovered the secret that many travelers don’t know: the area’s 32 miles of pristine, white-sand beaches are a true vacation gem. In their recent blog post, they share the best things to do in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach from lounging on the sand to building pro-level sandcastles:

Best Things to Do in Gulf Shores

Hang out on the beach

“Just do it,” they urge. “You know that’s what you’re here for.” The wide open beaches are the perfect spot to park it for the day with lounge chairs, towels and beach toys in tow. The area’s “Leave Only Footprints” slogan encourages people to make sure they clean up after themselves, which the bloggers say has made a huge difference. And there’s a cool shared toy box on the sand too.

Learn how to build sandcastles

The bloggers and their two daughters spent an hour with Sand Castle University to learn how to make real sandcastles like the pros. “The girls had a blast building sandcastles,” Caz shares. “Definitely put this on your list of things to do in Gulf Shores, Alabama with kids!”

Bike riding in Gulf State Park

“Just across the road from the beach is the gorgeous Gulf State Park,” Caz writes. “It reminded me so much of Australia.” The natural area boasts plenty of trails to explore and various points of interest like osprey nests and overhanging moss trees.

Make bath bombs

For a break from the sun for a little while, Caz encourages a trip to Harmony Creek Farm for a bath bomb making lesson. “Part of what makes our travel so special (and we intentionally do this) is to participate in activities where we learn new things together.” When you pick up your masterpieces the next day, pop one in the bathtub back at your vacation rental home and unwind for a while.

Read the rest of Caz and Craig’s recommendations here, along with their favorite restaurants and places to stay. Or watch below for a peek into their vacation: