Dad Blogger Shares Tips for Taking the Kids to Beaver Creek

A trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado offers more than just skiing. Its summer trails are great for little explorers, and the s’mores are plenty. In his recent post, Nate Day of the blog Someday I’ll Learn, shares his family’s experience in the this vacation guide for Beaver Creek.

Beaver Creek Activities

“[The air] whispers and sings as it swims through the branches and needles of the evergreen trees standing all around me. I close my eyes and the stress of civilization as I know it blows away,” writes Day.

And the kids were captivated too, as Day recounts: “I watch my four-year-old select blades of grass and fallen leaves to individually toss into the flowing water. ‘Know why I’m putting them in the water, Dada? So ants can hold on if they fall in.’”

Getting your kids back to nature can open up a world of imagination, and Beaver Creek has plenty of outdoor entertainment with its trails, creeks and mountain playgrounds. From fishing nearby Eagle River to watching thunderstorms, read more about the Day family’s experience in Beaver Creek here.