Family Friendly Restaurants in Whistler, BC | Family Dining Ideas

Making a Whistler family trip itinerary can be rewarding yet difficult at times, especially when it comes to making decisions about where to eat. Experiencing energy bursts and sleepy lulls are all part of the package when traveling with children. When a lull hits, it’s usually time to find a bite to eat. To make the task an easier endeavor, here’s a list of our favorite family-friendly restaurants in Whistler, BC.

- Mike Crane, Tourism Whistler


An easygoing, kid-friendly Whistler dining spot, Creekbread features an open wood-fire cauldron for the little ones to marvel at and sources local and organic ingredients for their deliciously mouth-watering pizzas. Every Tuesday, this local establishment donates a percentage of their proceeds toward a community within the sea to sky corridor. Bottom line: who doesn’t love pizza? And for parents, knowing it’s a fresh option with most ingredients actually made in-house might help sway the decision!

Old Spaghetti Factory

A laid back, family-friendly restaurant, Old Spaghetti Factory is known for good food at a reasonable price, making it a great choice for dinner on a budget. Every entree ordered is accompanied by a warm sourdough baguette, garlic butter, soup or salad as a starter, followed by your main and finished with your choice of ice cream. Be sure to order their specialty Spumoni ice cream which blends mint, chocolate and vanilla in one bowl. The best part for the kiddos? Ice cream for dessert is guaranteed.


Situated beside the iconic Olympic rings, Brewhouse offers parents the chance to enjoy some house-brewed beer while watching the kids snap some photos outside on the rings. Or better yet, let the little ones choose from the kid friendly options on the coloring sheet menu while gazing at the train chugging around the building. In the summer months, children can also climb on the bobsleigh, which is situated out front of the building for added entertainment. What kid doesn’t like toy trains and pretending to be an Olympian?

Riverside Café

Riverside Café is a popular family eatery that offers more than meets the eye. Often overlooked, this cozy, off-the-beaten-path café provides an option for children who have a little more bound-up energy. You’ll find a wide array of breakfast options such as your classic American breakfast, eggs benedict, omelets or even sweet options like waffles topped with whipped cream and berry compote. The menu aims to satisfy all savory and sweet toothed palettes. And to work off that extra energy, there is an outdoor jungle gym within 40 meters. Lunch options are also available including various in-house crafted sandwiches, burgers, and a kid’s grilled cheese sandwich.

Dine-In Whistler

Have the kids had you on your feet all day exploring all the exciting adventures and sights to see in Whistler? To make mealtime easy, the Dine-In Whistler delivery service will transport your ordered menu straight to your home away from home. Choices include various restaurants in town, and you can even order yourself a well- deserved drink too. After dinner, cozy up on the couch for a family movie night or break out some board games.

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