Fly Fishing in the Blue Ridge Mountains

There are very few places on Earth that allow for a pure connection with nature while simultaneously allowing one to pursue, what is arguably, one of the most satisfying and patience-requiring sports of all time. Fly fishing is a unique pastime, and it’s no better enjoyed than in North Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Fannin County is aptly named the Trout Fishing Capital of Georgia and with good reason. Of North Georgia’s more than 4,000 miles of protected and designated trout rivers, streams and creeks, the best are located right in Fannin County.

Fly Fishing in Blue Ridge

Get Your Gear

It’s easy to get lured into the sport and it’s one that you’ll continue to love as you gain experience. Fly fishing is equipment intensive, and it requires a good basic knowledge of rod, reel and fly along with a firm grasp of safely navigating a river, usually in your waders. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there are number of stores and businesses in the city of Blue Ridge that can help with gear, guiding and licensing. Two popular stores are Oyster Fine Bamboo Fly Rods and Blue Ridge Fly Fishing, located-side-by-side right on Main Street.

Find a Stream

There are 4,000 miles of river in beautiful Blue Ridge, Georgia, some of which are more accessible than others. A good rule of thumb is to let the weather guide your decision-making. If it has been raining, move toward streams and creeks, as the rivers will typically silt up fast and it may take several days for them to chill out. However, if the preceding days have been calm and clear, hit one of the area’s many rivers such as the Toccoa, Ellijay or Cartecay. You can also look for the public parks and work your way upstream to find rocks, baffles and undercuts. Trout are ambush predators, so start to think like a fish.

Fly Fishing in North Georgia

Hone Your Skills

The trout you’re in search of are going to make sure they’re hidden from both prey and predator. They’ll put up under a ledge, a rock outcropping or a log, patiently waiting for some tasty morsel to sweep by on top of the water or bump along the bottom. Then, with lightning speed, the trout will flash from its hole to feed. To succeed at fly fishing, your job is to outsmart the fish. When you cast your fake fly upstream, you want it to pass right under the trout’s snout or within eyesight. Should the trout buy your ruse, you will feel or see the faintest of tugs. Once you see movement, simply lift the tip of your fly rod to make your catch.

It is at this precise moment that you’ll find yourself relaxing and letting your mind enjoy a vacation. Ask any fisherperson and they will tell you that when a fish is on the line, they’re living fully in the present moment.

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