Fun Ideas for Mother’s Day Plans | Personalized Vacation Ideas for Mom

Getting your mom flowers and card is nice but there’s nothing that says “I love and appreciate you” quite like taking your mom on vacation! Whether you make it a group getaway or just the two of you, check out some of these fun ideas for Mother’s Day according to your mom’s style.

Take Mom on a Mother’s Day Hike

For the mom who likes to move:

Active moms will love a trip to the mountains! Hiking, biking, zip lining, kayaking and more are all great fun Mother’s Day plans for moms looking for a thrill. The Smoky Mountains of Tennessee is a great spot if you plan to bring along some little ones. There are plenty of easier trails, and many of the great viewing spots can be driven to. For a more intense experience, the Colorado Rockies make for some great fun. Trails will be harder for those moms looking to test their skill.

Fun Plans Mom will Love for Mother’s Day

For the wild and free mama:

A Palm Springs getaway is a great Mother’s Day date idea for that easy, breezy mom. There’s plenty of shopping, restaurants and fun to be had for a girlfriends type escape. Vacation rentals with a pool and patio are great for cocktails and lazy days. Palm Springs also has an active music scene that this mama will love to jump into.

Fun Ideas for Mother’s Day

For the mother that likes to relax:

Here’s a fun Mother’s Day idea: the beach! Plan a trip with a vacation home right on the beach for the ultimate relaxing getaway. Slow walks, afternoon naps and lots of chatting while looking at the gorgeous ocean will abound. Go lay by the pool or hang out snacking in the kitchen. It’s up to you! Check out some of our favorite beaches in spring.

Mother’s Day Plans

For a group of moms:

Who says your getaway just has to celebrate one mom? Take a multigenerational getaway with your daughter, mother, grandmother, mother-in-law and every other mother-figure in your life. But how do you choose where to go? Take a vote or put everyone’s top choice in a bag, and pick at random to make it fair. Next year, pick from the remaining locations. Check out some more of our tips for an easy group getaway.

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