Health Benefits of Having Fun

Lighten up everyone! Doing something you enjoy is bound to make you feel good, and there’s scientific evidence proving that having more fun increases your psychological and physical health. The Life Habit recently published an article about how having fun helps you maintain a healthier, more well balanced lifestyle.

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Check out some of these reasons to have more fun:

Boost Your Endorphins. Smiling alone decreases stress levels and improves tolerance for pain, even when you’re faking it. When you smile, you send confidence and satisfaction to your brain, which makes you happier and more self-assured.

Increase Intimacy with Friends & Family. Spending time with loved ones is the perfect way to take care of your health and help you feel more connected to others, which just so happens to be one of our fundamental human needs. Through bonding activities like playing a group game or eating a meal together, you’ll maintain and build relationships with the people you care about.

Health Benefits of having fun

Reduce Stress. Laugher is the best medicine for stress. When you laugh, your body releases serotonin, giving you that natural high to make you feel extra good. Serotonin is also good for our most basic processes like sleeping, memory, body temperature and mood. In addition, laughing also lowers blood pressure, improves breathing and regulates your heartbeat. In other words, stock up on your favorite comedies and surround yourself with your funniest friends!

Increase Your Life Span. According to a study by American psychologists, positive thinkers live seven and a half years longer than pessimists. Worriers are more stressed out, which leads to higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Biggest takeaway here: be optimistic!

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Lift Energy Levels. By taking the time to relax, enjoy yourself and do things you actually like, you can help yourself feel less tired, more mentally awake and more capable of tackling difficult tasks. Spending time enjoying yourself by laughing, playing and relaxing also helps you sleep more soundly, allowing you to wake up feeling better to begin with!

One great way to have fun: go on a vacation! Get inspired to vacation differently by checking out some of these fun destinations.


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