Healthy Habits for Your Beach Vacation

Hooray! Vacation time is here. That chance for you to kick off your shoes, stick your feet in the sand and enjoy a rare moment to relax for a few days…

While some people work extra hard in the gym in order to show off their beach body, others are so busy at the office, they never got the chance to get into the healthy routine they hoped. Whether you arrive to the beach in the best shape of your life, or are simply looking to get some positive momentum going during your time off to stay healthy and active between snoozes in the sand, here are three healthy habits that will keep you energized, fit and happy during your next vacation!

Vacation rental kitchen

Limit Dining Out: One of the best features of a vacation rental property is that you have the amenities of home, right at your fingertips. For those looking to stay trim and fit during your trip, the kitchen will be your best friend! Dining out and enjoying regional cuisine is one of the best ways to splurge during your vacation, but by limiting it to only a few times during your stay, you can have more control over how many calories, and what types of foods you are consuming. Focus on stocking up on healthy food options for snacks and meals with plenty of fresh, local vegetables and fruits and lean protein options such as Fresh Gulf Seafood. If you find yourself visiting one of the amazing restaurants in our vacation destinations, remember to cut back on the bread before dinner, stay away from fried foods, option for grilled, blackened or steamed options, instead.

Beach vacation

Stay Active for 30-60 Minutes a Day: One of the best features of waking up at the beach is the amazing sunrises and sunsets we can enjoy. Brilliant colors dance along the waters ensuring that our hearts are as happy as our bodies are relaxed! Turn those beautiful mornings and evenings along the coast into an adventure for the family by heading away from the beach house or condo and enjoying a walk, or run, along the sandy shores. Try not to think about it as “exercise” but as a way to explore the neighborhood you and your family picked out for your vacation. Walking and running along the sand is an amazing way for us to stay in shape, because, no only do we elevate our heart rates and sweat a little, but the uneven surface of the sandy beaches force us to work muscles in different and beneficial ways! Start small on your first day of vacation, simply walking or running 10-15 minutes away from the home, and then back home, but try to build up the duration of your adventure throughout your stay. Pick somewhere new in the area to visit every day. By adding 5 minutes of walking or running each day, you will not only be building stronger muscles, but helping to shed some pounds as well.

Family beach vacation

Earn Your Happy Hour: Vacations are the perfect time for us to relax with our favorite beverages. Vacation rentals provide the ideal location to sit back, watch a breathtaking sunset and enjoy an occasional cocktail, all in the safety of your own private balcony or beach front living room. However, adult beverages tend to tout a lot of unnecessary calories, so before you open the fridge to pop open a “cold one,” be sure to do something active! The late afternoon, while you are taking a break from the beach can be the ideal time to go for a bike ride, or simply do 5 minutes or jumping jacks to kick start your metabolism in preparation for a relaxing evening.

So on your next vacation, don’t avoid having fun or indulging in your hard earned deserts or refreshments, but instead add these Healthy Habits to ensure that you are maintaining that beach body that you worked so hard for! Check out some great beach rentals here.