How to Manage Jet Lag

For trips that take you across multiple time zones, it’s important to prepare beyond the usual, “what to wear” and “where to go” check list. That’s because jet lag can be the unwanted visitor that derails your hard-earned vacation with headaches, fatigue and an overall feeling of haziness.

How to manage jetlag

Liz Weiss from U.S. News & World Report assembled five ways to combat this pesky side effect of travel. Her story, How to Beat Jet Lag, takes advice from flight attendants, business people and jet-setters alike whose extensive travel history sheds light on how to manage when your vacation takes you far.

“While there's no secret remedy for curing jet lag, it helps to understand the factors that impact your degree of jet lag so you can minimize its effects,” she writes. Some of the suggestions might surprise you from seeking sunlight upon landing to possibly skipping the sleep aid.

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