July is National Vacation Rental Month | Trip Planning Tips

Celebrated during the most popular month to stay in a vacation rental home, July’s National Vacation Rental Month shines the spotlight on a different way to vacation. With more space, privacy and in-home amenities like kitchens and bedrooms, vacation rentals make for a truly relaxed vacation experience.

To join the celebration, use these vacation planning tips for finding the right vacation rental home for your next trip:

Define your experience

Vacation Planning Tips

Vacation rental homes are everywhere, from top beach spots and ski areas to popular theme park, golf and tennis resort destinations. They’re popular abroad, and you can even find some really unique options like treehouses, castles and tents. If you’re planning a big family trip, start the conversations early to get a feel for where everyone wants to go and what they want their experience to look like. Is it steering your own narrowboat down an English canal, or stepping out of your Florida beach home to sink your feet into the sugar-white sand? Once you have your experience in mind, you can find the right vacation rental to bring it to life.

Consider who’s going with you

Travel Planning Tips

Whether you’re traveling with a big group or as a couple, there’s a vacation rental home to fit your needs – but it’s going to look different depending on your party. For friends or extended families, look for homes with plenty of bedrooms, a big kitchen and dining area, and entertainment like game rooms, in-home theatres or private pools. That way, everyone can spread out while still staying together under the same roof. If you’re planning a romantic getaway, look into condos so you can still enjoy the space and amenities a rental offers.

Know what you’re getting

Vacation Rental Homes

When you book directly with an owner through a listing site, the standards you get are up to that owner. If you’re hesitant to put your vacation into their hands, work with a professional management company that can help you through the entire experience, before, during and after your stay. That way, if the blender breaks or the air conditioning stops working, you have a local team who can provide 24/7 assistance. In addition to knowing who you’re booking with, take some time to review everything that’s included in the rental, so you know whether you need to bring things like linens.

Arrive vacation-ready

National Vacation Rental Month

According to a recent study by Wyndham Vacation Rentals, more than one third of vacationers (37%) are burning out before they even check-in, admitting they delayed or even cancelled a vacation due to the stress of planning it. Vacation is supposed to help you relax, not add more stress to your life. Staying in a vacation rental can help though. Nearly two-thirds of vacationers (62%) think booking accommodations with space and privacy would make their next vacation less stressful, and half (50%) think being able to do laundry would help. Use other tips too like not waiting until the last minute to pack and giving yourself a buffer between work and vacation. That way, you’ll arrive ready to relax and enjoy your time away.

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