Leaf-Peeping | The Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re climbing an apple tree or sauntering through a pumpkin patch, there’s no better backdrop than the colors of fall when enjoying these annual rituals. For many, though, leaf-peeping itself is the main attraction of the season, diligently tracked and timed for optional viewing pleasure.

Leaf peeping

The team at Family Travel Forum (FTF) put together a comprehensive guide to catching the trees at their most colorful point this fall. It not only includes a list of fall foliage hotlines set up by states like Tennessee and Colorado, but gives the 411 on why leaves change color and other fun facts about various tree species in the U.S.

“Generally speaking, the prime season for observing fall foliage is from mid-September to late October, and it generally works its way from north to south and from higher elevations to lower elevations,” notes FTF.

From the coast-to-coast, Mother Nature flaunts her brilliant flora this time of year. Some believe, however, the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee is where you’ll find the most brilliant display. If The Smokies is where you want to take your leaf-peeping adventures, then check out these fabulous rental cabins.