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When you’re planning a long Memorial Day Weekend getaway, it sometimes feels like you spend more time packing than you do on vacation. Streamline the process by paring it down to the essentials. Whether you’re hitting the beach or the mountains for Memorial Day Weekend, there are some universal items you can’t forget to pack.

The Ultimate Memorial Day Weekend Packing List

Here’s our tried and true list to make getting out of town a breeze:

Pack the sunscreen

There’s no arguing that sunscreen is a vacation must-have on your Memorial Day Weekend packing list. Protect your skin from the elements whether you’re lounging by the pool, strolling along beach, or hiking the trails. When you bring your own, you’ll know it’s a brand that agrees with your skin and you won’t have to scramble to find something your family likes right when they need it. For added protection, bring along hats and sunglasses too.

Bring bathing suits and cover ups

It doesn’t matter whether you’re diving into the ocean or a mountainside pool, most summer getaways call for bathing suits. Bring along at least two for everyone in the family. That way, when one’s drying, the other one’s ready to go. Pack cover ups too so you can take a break from swimming to grab a bite to eat.

Pro tip: bring the kids’ favorite blankets

When you’re sleeping away from home, it’s common to miss the familiar comfort of your own room. To help the little ones adjust, don’t forget to pack their favorite stuffed animals or blankets; you might even bring pillows from home too. To avoid any major meltdowns if something gets lost along the way, consider buying doppelgangers of your kids’ favorite toys so you can make a stealthy swap if it’s ever needed.

Load up Fido’s necessities

If you’re staying in a pet-friendly vacation rental home, make sure you add your pup’s bowls, collar with ID tags and leash to your pet-friendly Memorial Day packing list. Bring along a favorite toy or two to help them get settled into their vacation digs. If they have a special bed they always sleep in, pack that too so they feel more at home. Bring their food with you so you don’t run into any issues if it’s a special diet blend or the local stores don’t carry that brand.

Add a bag or backpack to the list

When you’re ready to venture out and explore the area, you’ll want to have a tote bag or backpack on hand. If you’re hitting the beach, you’ll want to pack it full of water bottles, snacks, books, beach toys and towels. For Memorial Day hiking ideas, you’ll want to make sure it’s stocked with water, trail bars, a guidebook and a small first aid kit.

Comfortable shoes are necessary

This one really depends on your vacation destination. Comfortable walking shoes or boots are key for mountain getaways, while quality sandals will come in handy at the beach. Make sure wherever you’re headed, you have shoes packed for each family member that can hold up on long walks spent sightseeing and enjoying your destination. Don’t use vacations to break in new shoes!

Daily must-haves

You’ll likely have to throw things in the bag at the last minute; don’t forget to add these daily essentials to your vacation packing list including any medications, vitamins, personal care items, toiletries and phone chargers. If you can, keep everything sample-sized so that you don’t take up too much room in your bags.

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