Top 6 Pain-Free Family Getaway Ideas

Taking a vacation with the whole extended family might seem daunting – a big group comes with varying opinions, different personalities and a range of ages. After all the planning though, the payoff is well worth the effort. Spending quality time with family builds stronger bonds between family members and creates memories that you’ll cherish for years to come. To minimize the work behind getting the entire crew together, use these six helpful tips for planning a family vacation:

Family Getaway Ideas

Find a middle ground

If you and your siblings are spread across state lines, make travel fair by agreeing on a destination that’s in the middle. Whether you’re headed to the beach or the mountains, everyone will have a lot more fun if their travel distance is manageable.

Divide and conquer

Once you book your vacation home, use an app like Splitwise to track vacation costs and divide them amongst everyone. In a similar vein, make a list of supplies you’ll need and divvy them up so everyone has something to bring with them. It’ll save everyone the headache of mentally keeping track of costs during the trip and prevent you from doubling up on things.

Pick rooms before you arrive

Since everyone is likely to arrive at different times when it’s a big group, decide on room arrangements beforehand. That way, your brother won’t hold any resentment if you get there early and snag the oceanfront master bedroom. To make it fair, decide who gets to pick first by drawing names at random. If someone is traveling farther or pitching in more funds, give them the courtesy of first pick.

Assign everyone a meal to make

One of the benefits of using a vacation rental home for family trips is saving money on meals thanks to the kitchen. Gathering around the table is also a great way to enjoy quality time together. To prevent any one person from taking on the onus of cooking, assign everyone a meal to make during the week.

Rotate grocery duty and clean-up

You’ll inevitably need to run out to replenish supplies at some point. You’ll also need to take care of the dishes each night so everything’s ready the next day. To keep everyone happy, take turns tackling these responsibilities. Rotate so everyone pitches, and give the kiddos small ways to help out too.

Create a loose itinerary

Vacation plans don’t need to be set in stone, but put some thought to a loose itinerary before the trip. Make sure everyone knows about any pre-planned activities, like boat excursions or local tours. To help keep everyone happy, factor in plenty of free time too. Strike a nice balance between big group vacation activities and time for everyone to spend as they’d like.

Feeling more prepared? Compare everyone’s schedules and start planning with a large vacation rental for a big family vacation.