Shoulder Season Beach Rentals | Relax After a Busy Summer

Autumn, or shoulder season,  is a fantastic season for beach travel. With the kids back in school and the buzz of summer crowds softening, many popular beach spots are a bit quieter and less expensive after Labor Day. Especially in the American Southeast, fall weather is typically just as nice as summer—if not better!

shoulder season beach rentals

Here’s a list of great reasons to choose a beach rental this autumn:

More Relaxing

Fewer crowds, fewer rowdy kids and less stress! Going away in the summer with the whole extended family can be fun, but oftentimes, it can become exhausting. Once the young ones are back in school, you’ll be able to have a more relaxed and low-key vacation. Everywhere you go will be less crowded; you’ll have more space to yourself on the beach, less of a wait when going out to eat and you won’t be swept away in the crowds at the boardwalk.

Less Expensive

Vacation prices drop after Labor Day. As it’s a slower season for beach rentals, prices will reflect the demand of guests. You can also typically get a great deal on some of the top notch destinations around the country in their off-season. Other area attractions, flights and gasoline also typically decrease in price after the height of summer too. All around, fall travel is a good thing for your budget.

Warm Fall Months

If you’re from any of the southern states, you know how long it takes for the hot weather to finally cool off. Along the Gulf Coast, the Carolinas and other southern states, it doesn’t start cooling off towards late fall. That still leaves you plenty of time to visit the beach in the autumn! The farther south you go, the warmer it typically stays … and for longer! Even better, much of the choking humidity that plagues vacationers in the summer months will not be a problem for fall travelers.

Take in the Local Experience

Once the high-vacation season is over, the locals typically start to return to their homes. Many of these homeowners go on their own vacations during the summer months so they can rent out their homes to travelers like you. Make friends with some of these returning locals and get the inside scoop about where to go and what to see to get that local, authentic experience.

Plan your fall escape! See where you want to relax at these top beach vacation rentals in the Southeast.  


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