Ski Trip Starter Pack: Guide to Ski Trip Essentials for Beginners

Looking forward to your first ski vacation? Get the most out of your ski trip and ensure a fun and stress-free experience by packing everything you need to stay dry, warm and protected on the mountain. Ski like a pro and be well prepared for the cold winter weather with this list of ski trip essentials:

Ski Trip Starter Pack

Ski and Snowboarding Equipment

If you aren’t planning to rent your ski or snowboarding equipment, remember to pack your skis, poles, snowboard, boots and helmet. To make it easier to haul your skis and poles to and from the slopes, be sure to also pack a ski and pole carrier, which binds your equipment together and makes it easier to carry other items.

Clothing Essentials

Preparing for the brisk mountain air and wet, snowy conditions means packing essential ski apparel, including a waterproof, insulated jacket and snow pants, moisture wicking base layers, a warm hat with ear covers, thick socks, gloves or mittens and a neck warmer or scarf. Remember to also throw in a pair of snow boots to wear before and after you put on your ski boots.

Items for Extra Warmth

If the forecast is calling for windy conditions and frigid temperatures on the mountain, you will want to pack a few items for extra warmth. Avoid frostbite and wasting time in the lodge trying to get warm by packing additional items like a face mask, fleece vest, and disposable or reusable hand and toe warmers that can stay hot for seven hours or longer.

Must-Pack Accessories

Enhance your experience with a few additional handy accessories, including ski wax to increase your speed and mobility, a ski lock to help keep your skis safe and an insulated bottle so you can enjoy a hot beverage at any time. Stay organized and keep track of all your ski items by packing them in a duffle bag before heading to the mountain.

Go-to’s for Skin Protection

At a higher altitude, cold temperatures, wind and sun can take a toll on your skin. Face the elements with ease by packing lip balm, sun screen, moisturizer and goggles with an anti-fog coating. You may also want to pack a first aid kit so you are prepared should you or your family member experience a minor injury.

After reading this ski trip starter pack, are the mountains calling your name? Browse vacation rentals at some of the top North American ski destinations.