4 European Vacation Rentals Where You Might Meet a Ghost

Calling all lovers of the Ouija board!  If you’re looking for some “authentic” spookiness this Halloween, then do-it-right with a potentially haunted European home built long ago. That’s right – rent a place that will send shivers up your spine with its underground passages and ancient history. There’s really no better way to increase your chances of connecting with the spirits than in old rentals like these, especially during Halloween in Europe:

Haunted European Castle for Rent

Castello Rocchette

This ancient Italian castle dates all the way back to the 14th century. It comes complete with a small church and a lit staircase that brings you underground to caves, passes and a cellar. You’ll enjoy walking over the long brick bridge to get there (formerly a drawbridge), which leads into your own courtyard.

Old Tower Vacation Rental

Knock Old Castle

Built in the 14th century, this castle in Scotland has been fantastically resurrected into a unique, fairytale castle of sorts. You’ll be surprised around every corner from quirky doors and interiors where no straight lines are found to the sauna in the tower, the painted ceiling in the keep, and stunning sea views from the doomed lookout. Don’t forget the sheep grazing on the wild flower roof!

Castle Vacation Rental

Mortellito Castle

This Sicilian castle has old aristocratic ties dating back to 1447. The house has a magical atmosphere, mixing history and memories of the past to give a decidedly museum-like feeling. Ancient books, busts and artworks fill the rooms along with signed photographs of the Italian Royal Family who are friends and family of the owners.

Ancient Vacation Rental

Lendal Tower

This 700-year-old York tower is an ancient monument that played a key role in the city’s defense system during the 14th century. Period features like its original wood paneling and spiral staircase twisting along the interior evoke its storied past. Nearby, you can up your chances of encountering old spirits in other historical buildings like The Treasurer’s House and The Merchant Adventurer’s Hall.

To get your spook-on, visit Novasol and cottages.com for more ancient vacation rentals.