The Benefits of Making Your Rental Home Pet-Friendly

The pet travel revolution is here, from water bowls on restaurant patios and free treat displays at retail stores to the puppy relief area in the airport terminals. Traveling with pets is trending at an all-time high and research shows it’s only going to continue to grow. If you’re a vacation rental homeowner, you may be wondering if you should follow suit and “raise the woof” on your rental property.

Here’s some research to consider when deciding whether to go pet-friendly:

The Proof is in the Paw Print

In 2017, the U.S. Census revealed that 68 percent of U.S. households own a pet, and nearly half of those are dog owners. Orbitz and Rover did a study in early 2018 and discovered that almost half of pet owners will travel with their furry darlings, using a car as their preferred method of transportation. With the surge of domestic vacations rising across the country, American Pet Products Association (APPA) saw Americans spending a massive $69.51 billion on their pets last year, and $6 billion of that went toward grooming and boarding.

A Paws-itive Revenue Effect

Making your rental home pet-friendly can be a win-win situation. It means opportunity for increasing revenue with your vacation rental. The Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research and Educations Promoting Animal Welfare (FIREPAW) observed that pet-friendly rentals have the potential to earn up to 30 percent more in revenue. Having that pet-friendly thumbs up on your property will entice a bigger number of guests and can broaden the renting appeal of your home.

No Doggone Mishaps

Many property owners voice concerns that turning their vacation rental into a pet-friendly property will invite damage. While understandable, FIREPAW research reveals that, in most cases, there was minimal to no damage done to properties. Nightmares of your property with clawed up walls or chewed up furniture can be pushed aside. The good news is that pet-friendly vacation homes are in such demand that a big percentage of possible renters will pay higher rates and fees to have their pets with them.

Returning Fur-ever Guests

When traveling pet owners are booking vacations, they often weed out their selections with a filter search for rentals that are pet-friendly. By allowing them to bring their pets, you are taking massive amounts of planning stress off their shoulders, and as an added bonus they can save money on boarding fees for a kennel or pet sitter. That kind of worry-free feeling is worth its weight in gold, and when it’s time for their next vacation, they’re likely to remember their great experience and stick with what they know works for their lifestyle. This is an especially important factor to acknowledge, considering a Skift Research Report shows pet travelers still find it difficult to maneuver a successful vacation.

When it comes to perfecting the guest journey for a pet traveler, reports show there is a positive relationship between a pet-friendly unit and vacation rental success. Contact your local owner relations team to see if your vacation rental is ready to welcome furry guests.


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