Top 5 Trails at Breckenridge Ski Resort | Winter Trip Ideas

With more than 2,900 acres of ski terrain, Breckenridge has plenty to offer riders of all ability levels. From long, flat trails to black diamonds and bowls, here’s an easy Breckenridge vacation guide to the mountain’s top ski trails, ranked in difficulty from easiest to most challenging:

Breckenridge Vacation Ideas

Silverthorne – Peak 9

Silverthorne is a long, flat trail that runs from Peak 10 to the bottom of Peak 9. Trails to the skier’s left of the Falcon chairlift and trails to the skier’s right of the Beaver Run chairlift filter into Silverthorne. This is a great trail for beginners because it is relatively flat. Difficulty Rating: Green Circle

Monte Cristo – Peak 7

You can access Monte Cristo from the Independence SuperChair on Peak 7. It is a long, blue trail that winds down the outer edge of Peak 7. It is a nice long run with little rollers, perfect for new blue skiers.  Many other runs feed into Monte Cristo, so keep your eyes open! Difficulty Rating: Blue Square

Elysian Fields into Daydream – Peak 6

Peak 6 is the newest Peak at Breckenridge Ski Resort and offers an additional 543 acres of new terrain. You can access Elysian Fields by dropping off to the skier’s left off the Kensho SuperChair. This is an intermediate area above treeline, which provides unbeatable views. From the bottom of Elysian Fields, you have the option to drop into several runs. Daydream is a rider favorite! It will give you a little taste of the trees in a more spacious environment. Difficulty Rating: Blue Square

Cimarron – Peak 10

Cimarron is on Peak 10 and it has a wide-open, steep pitch from top to bottom. You will find opportunity to catch some air on this trail, but make sure to keep your speed up at the end because it feeds into a relatively flat trail. If you like fast, steep and groomed runs, you will love Cimarron! Difficulty Rating: Black Diamond

Horseshoe Bowl – Peak 8

Horseshoe Bowl is an easily accessed bowl. It is open, steep and has lots of moguls to hit. You’ll want to get there early on a powder day but watch out for rocks in the early season. If you are an advanced skier or snowboarder looking to expand your skills, this is a great place to start. The wide open space and lack of trees make it a good spot to practice on steep terrain. Difficulty Rating: Double Black Diamond

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