Mom Shares Why & How to Travel While Pregnant

By Dani Hampton

I like to encourage my friends to get out and travel while they’re pregnant. For first-time moms, my logic is simple: get away now to fully embrace the peace and quiet that can only be enjoyed in a sans-kiddo household. But for the moms who already have children, I tell them there’s just nothing like sharing a special moment in time with those you love most before the baby arrives. By being away from the hustle and bustle of life, you’re better able to soak-in the memories of a smaller family, a simpler way of life and all the love and excitement everyone has for the new love bug on-the-way. Here are my tips for staying comfortable while traveling during pregnancy that I hope will help you get through traveling with ease:

Pregnancy Travel

Wear layers - your body regulates temperature a little differently while pregnant and it’s nice to have options if you get cold or hot.

Comfort Travel

Be sure to wear shoes you can remove in the car or plane. Roll your ankles, stretch your feet, keep it moving! You may want to consider compression socks.

Travel During Pregnancy

Comfort over everything else- leggings, a comfy tee and sweater, etc!

Pregnancy Traveling

Bring plenty of snacks and stay hydrated throughout the trip.

Traveling While Pregnant

Take plenty of breaks to walk around and stretch.

Pregnant Travel

If you’re prone to nausea, bring mints and peppermint essential oil in a roll-on! Both work wonders for motion sickness.


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