Tips for Traveling with Friends

No matter how akin you may feel with your friends at home, it can be a completely different story when going on a trip together. You may have never noticed how much you can’t stand your friends’ taste in music, the way they leave water all over the bathroom or keep you awake snoring all night.

Traveling with friends

Here are a few tips when traveling with friends (and not hate one another):

Honest Communication & Planning

Before leaving, level set with everyone about travel styles and priorities during the trip planning stage. Check everyone’s pulse for what they want to do (and not do) so there’s no major meltdowns when one person hates museums and the rest of the group wants to see them all. This is also the time to be honest. You’re going to be spending hard earned money on your trip so you want to make sure you get what you want out of it. And not everyone has to do everything with one another! If your group is big enough, split up to make sure the whole group gets to do what they want. It’s also nice to come back home later and swap stories.


Everyone has a different budgeting plan on vacation, so you definitely want to have a discussion with the whole group before leaving for the trip. Where will everyone agree to splurge and where will everyone want to save? Having the same basic spending principles, or at least some expectations set beforehand, will save you and your friends from bickering once you’ve already gone away. There are also some great apps out there when splitting up the costs. For example, Splitwise is a free app that keeps track of IOUs and is especially good for planning a group vacation.

Vacations with friends

Size of the Group

Think hard about where you’re traveling and how a large group will work. Will you have to take two cars every time you drive somewhere? How many bedrooms and sleeping spaces are available? Does everyone going generally get along? These are some questions you may want to think about before inviting too few or too many people on a vacation. Three is usually dangerous, as it’s easy for one person to feel left out if the other two are thick as thieves. Having 15 people agree on … well … anything … is also usually difficult. Think about personalities and how the size of the group can affect your travel plans.

Room for All

Most people usually need some personal space, especially during a long vacation. Make sure you have enough room for all of your friends, even if some people are sharing. Before you leave, get a general layout of the rental so everyone can choose where they’ll be (and if they’re okay with the set up) – you don’t want any fighting over rooms as soon as you get there.

Tips for traveling with friends

Balance One Another’s Needs

Be considerate of morning people and night owls. Don’t hog the bathroom. Don’t start arguments just because you’re hungry or tired. Moral of the story: be aware of your habits to avoid bickering. If you’re taking a road trip, make sure you share the driving responsibilities and the gas evenly. If you know you get cranky when you’re hungry, make sure you always have a snack on hand. Do you get bored easily? Look up some fun road trip games or bring some games along for a night in your rental.

Now get out there and plan your getaway with friends! Going away with your “chosen family” is one of the best traveling experiences you can have. Check out these vacation rentals across the country to start your trip planning.


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