Upgrade Your Vacation Home Rental Experience

upgrade your vacation home rental

When it comes to booking a relaxing family vacation, you might find yourself debating accommodation options: a home rental or a hotel stay? The extra space, privacy and convenience a home rental offers might add value and save your family aggravation, but hotel-like luxuries, like housekeeping and on-site restaurants, might tempt your mind in the other direction.

A recent survey by Wyndham Vacation Rentals found that 27 percent of vacationers who have never tried a rental would consider doing so if the rental had hotel-like services and amenities. After all, amenities are the second most popular reason why vacationers like to stay in a hotel, after location. With hotel brands like Wyndham in the vacation home rental space, vacationers don’t have to sacrifice on either front. Wyndham's unique Peer-to-Peer Plus approach connects travelers seeking an authentic home stay with owners looking to rent out their homes, while still providing both with a range of services to ensure a hassle-free rental experience.

As you put together your pros and cons list, consider these services and amenities many professionally managed vacation home rentals can offer:

  • Housekeeping. Keeping up with housework while you’re on vacation can be a drag. But being able to take advantage of home-like comforts adds immense value, from saving on quick meals and snacks with the kitchen or using the washer/dryer to avoid over-packing and extra baggage fees. Many home rentals offer the option of housekeeping during your stay (whether daily or once or twice), so you can enjoy the feel of home without the chores.
  • On-site amenities. Hotels are definitely appealing, with on-site pools, hot tubs, spas, gyms and more. But many vacation home rental communities offer the same amenities. Rent a condo in a resort-style community, and you might even enjoy access to an on-site restaurant. Be sure to ask what amenities you’ll have access to during your stay, and if the rental you’re considering doesn’t have the features you want, consider booking a private home where you can have the pool and hot tub all to yourself.
  • Guest service, 24/7. For vacationers who have never tried a rental, the ease of being able to contact someone at any time if an issue arose was one of the top factors that would motivate them to do so (35 percent). For travelers who need that peace of mind, a professionally managed vacation home rental company can ensure you have 24/7 assistance before, during and after your stay.


Start planning your next vacation by finding a home rental that offers the features you want.

Source: Why Professionally-Managed Matters Survey conducted for Wyndham Vacation Rentals by Kelton Global, 2015-16