From One Mom to Another: Take a Vacation Without Your Kids!

One thing I think all moms need to do occasionally is take a timeout for themselves. We all know we pour every minute of our days into children, our home and family and that it brings us so much joy but there is no denying it’s HARD work, and we get worn out.

Vacation for mom

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For years, I had a really hard time convincing myself it was ok to take time to myself. But the first time I took a single night out and stayed overnight with my sisters, guess what I noticed? I came back energized and ready to take all my responsibilities on with a smile on my face.

Since then, I have been more intentional about taking time for me- for my family. Because by now they all know if I can get a break every couple months, they’ll all benefit from a well-rested mom!

This summer, my sisters and I decided we wanted a relaxing getaway. We are all busy women, and we weren’t looking for high adventure anything- we just wanted to relax in a beautiful place without a to do list.

Vacation home for mom

When we started looking for places to stay we loved the idea of a vacation home. It would be big enough to have all eight of us in one house which was more cost effective than a bunch of different hotel rooms. We also loved the idea of lounging around a house together as opposed to a small hotel, and we LOVED the idea of a full kitchen! We could stock it up with foods for a few meals that would allow us to stay at the house instead of having to spend a lot of money at restaurants.

We were so happy we found Vacation Palm Springs by Wyndham Vacation Rentals, where we found a beautiful home. The Parker Villa was amazing. It was big enough for our large group of eight, and it was in a great location. We loved the mid-century decor and the uniqueness of design. Every room was stunning. The beds were comfy, the showers were wonderful, and of course with Palm Springs heat, that personal pool was the best part! We spent all day in the pool relaxing under the shade of palm trees.


The first night we were there we threw a “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Party complete with a delicious antipasto plate and mocktails!

If you are hesitant to take a vacation for yourself, remember you deserve it. You work hard taking care of your children and when mom is rested and happy it rejuvenates you to return back to normal life with more zest and happiness. Its also good for your kids to miss you! Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

We had such an enjoyable trip. Can't wait to go back!