Vacation Tips to Celebrate the Holidays While You Travel

The holidays can be the perfect time to get away: you have time off work, the kids have time off school, and you’re all looking forward to spending some quality time together. Depending on the location you choose, you may even be able to snag a great deal on accommodations. To take this from a regular vacation to a holiday vacation, there are a few winter vacation tips you can follow to ensure a successful retreat. Who knows; getting away together could become your new favorite holiday vacation idea!

Holiday Vacation Tips

Choose accommodations that feel like home.

For many, having the “at home” feeling is essential to celebrating the holidays. Vacation rental homes can be the perfect way to satiate that need. You will have multiple bedrooms, kitchens, dining areas, and living areas where the family can gather and spend time together, and often even a fireplace to ensure Santa’s arrival! This is especially great if you are using the vacation home as a central gathering point for extended family from all over the country. Each family will have privacy, but you’ll also have plenty of space to spend time together – which is what the holidays on vacation are all about.

Winter Travel Ideas with the Family

Bring decorations with you.

While this requires a bit of extra planning and packing on your part, those stockings and twinkling lights will make Christmas away feel truly magical, and packing your heirloom menorah will ensure you keep up your Chanukah traditions. Plus, decorating your rental home can be a great way to spend some quality time together on the first night in your rental. Bake some cookies, make hot cocoa, turn on some music, and enjoy your company and the festivities.

Holiday Vacation Ideas

Ship presents to your destination ahead of time.

Some families choose to invest in holiday vacation ideas in lieu of presents, which is a great way to make the trip affordable. If you’ll still be exchanging though, you will save yourself stress, effort, and car space by buying and wrapping presents ahead of time and having them shipped to your rental home or to the check-in desk. Just check shipping times to make sure they line up with the holidays.

Winter Vacation Tips

Plan out the holiday meal.

Food is an essential part of most holidays, and it can still have a central place in your celebrations even when you’re away. This is especially true if you’ve chosen a rental home with a large, well-equipped kitchen and a dining area that fits the whole crew. Planning here is very important. Ahead of the trip, assign each family member a part of the meal so that you can split up the duties, and do one large grocery shopping trip at the start of the vacation. You’ll want to double check the equipment available in your holiday vacation rental and bring anything that may not be there, like turkey basters and large roasting pans.

Holiday Travel Ideas

Research events in your destination of choice.

Many vacation destinations have special holiday-themed events that happen each year, and this is your chance to experience something unique and authentically local. Whether it’s a Thanksgiving parade, a holiday tree lighting, or a local market, you’ll have another way to create lasting memories with your family and friends.

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