Vacationing for Under $100 a Day

Budgeting for vacation can prove to be an immense task. You want to have a good time, but you’re also not looking to rack up that credit card bill. We recently partnered with to put together some of the best tips to trim down vacation costs.

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Here’s some of our favorite tips for vacationing for under $100 a day:

Research Free Activities Beforehand – Arrive at your destination prepared with free or discounted options. Many museums, parks and more popular attractions often offer a “free day” during the week or month or offer discounted tickets if purchased online.

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Make Your Own Meals - Whipping up your own meals in the kitchen instead of eating pricey restaurant food is one of the best ways to save money while traveling. This is much easier if you’re staying in a vacation rental with a kitchen. And the savings can be substantial.

Travel Outside of Peak Season – Get a different take on a destination by traveling during their low season. Try out a winter town in the summer, which often offer more festivals, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities or beach towns when it’s a little cooler. You’re also more likely to get a local’s experience when you’re there with them instead of all the tourists.

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Choose Your Destination Carefully – It’s hard to go to a notoriously expensive city without spending a ton of money between food, lodging, activities and your stay. Try destinations that a little more off the beaten path, like Palm Springs instead of Los Angeles, Northwest Florida beaches instead of Miami or Breckenridge instead of Denver.

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