We Travel for Adventure | A Local’s Take on Northwest Florida Adventure – Part 1

It’s early morning.  The sun is creasing the skyline, as if peeking from its blanket to see if it’s time to get up.  Its slow disposition sets the tone for the sleepy beach towns of Northwest Florida, but not for everyone.

Florida Vacations

Amanda Abbott, a local to the beaches of Northwest Florida and an adventurer at heart, sips coffee outside her quaint coastal cottage in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, getting ready to stroll down to the beach on her electric bicycle to check out the waves.

Growing up in Destin, FL, Amanda says she always had an adventurous spirit and curious nature. The Abbott name is a staple in the real estate market here, and Amanda is part of the third generation of her family to work in real estate.

“Somebody called me ‘the surfing realtor’ the other day,” says Amanda, “which has a nice little ring to it.”

Amanda’s quest for adventure in her personal and professional life has taken her many places, but Northwest Florida is the place she calls home.  She graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Studio Art and a minor in Business Marketing, and felt compelled to follow her heart to the big city of Chicago. After working in the fashion industry there, she moved to New York City and worked for an apparel showroom, traveling the entire East Coast to work with buyers of specialty boutiques and department stores. It was in this role that Amanda realized her passion and talent for sales, and she returned to Northwest Florida to continue her family’s real estate tradition.

Luckily for her, there is no shortage of adventure in Florida.  As an avid stand up paddle boarder and free diver, Amanda shares one of her favorite dive spots, Cypress Springs, which is just north of Santa Rosa Beach. “People just don’t take the time to actually find these places that are untouched and beautiful and unique, but it’s right around the corner,” says Amanda, “It makes you realize how special this place is.”

See how Amanda, a true local, explores Northwest Florida: