We Travel for Culture | Exploring the Arts of Northwest Florida – Part 1

Sean of the South

The afternoon sun peeks through the living room window of a quaint home in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, painting light on a wall of stacked books, mounted fish, and worn hats. As Sean Dietrich, also known as Sean of the South, settles into his piano seat to play some tunes, his coonhound, Ellie Mae, slowly shuffles across the tile floor. The sound of her drawn out shuffle could be the anthem for the laid-back lifestyle of Northwest Florida. In a not-so-moment of genius, we mic up Ellie Mae to capture her sound, but she’s already settled herself in for a nice long snooze, complete with snoring.

We turn back to Sean. His story on how he’s a quadruple talent – singer, musician, writer, and painter – will have to do. After stretching his fingers across the ivory keys for several minutes, we ask a simple question: “So Sean, what do you do?” His response: “Well, that’s a difficult question…”

Sean Dietrich is a writer, humorist, novelist, and biscuit connoisseur, known for his commentary and stories on life in the American South. A transplant to Northwest Florida (so many of us are, it's hard to leave the beauty this area has to offer), the self-proclaimed “adopted son of Alabama” writes and shares a column every day on his blog, "Sean of the South," always consisting of 460 words, always posted at 11:27PM and always worth the read. Sean's work has appeared in Southern Living, The Tallahassee Democrat, and Good Grit & South Magazine (just to name a few). He has also authored seven books.

Step into a day in the life of Sean Dietrich and experience the southern hospitality that Sean calls home right here in Northwest Florida.