What to Pack for Vacation: Detailed Vacation Packing List

Maybe you’re new to vacation rentals, or perhaps you’ve been booking the same beach home each summer for years. Whether you’re a newbie or a novice, forgetting a necessity or two at home happens to the best of us. To help ensure your next vacation rental experience is a great one, here are some vacation packing tips to keep in mind:

beach packing tips

Check to see if linens are provided

Some vacation rental managers, like Oceana Resorts by Wyndham Vacation Rentals, provide onsite check-in and housekeeping. In those cases, you won’t need to bring bed linens or bath towels with you, since they’re provided. However, for larger, private homes, linens might not be provided. Checking before you add linens to your beach vacation packing list will make sure you arrive ready to relax.

Leave the cookware but bring essentials

Units with kitchens are often fully-stocked with dishes, utensils and cookware. You’ll want to bring any cooking essentials though, like basic spices, corkscrews or other specialty items. If you’re looking for other items for a list of things to pack for a vacation list, add paper towels, dish liquid, and your own groceries and condiments. Some rentals offer a small starter pack of cleaning supplies, but you’ll run out quickly. Depending on the destination, there are typically plenty of near-by stores so you can stock the kitchen when you arrive.

Don’t forget your toiletries

In terms of toiletries, some rentals might provide a small sampling of the basics – shampoo, soap, conditioner and lotion – but it’s wise to check beforehand and bring your own items. You’ll also want to ensure you bring tissues and toilet paper. Make sure you bring any medications you may need too. If you are a contact lens wearer, it’s always a good idea to bring an extra pair of lenses and those back up glasses just in case.

Consider rainy day entertainment

Family movie night is always fun, whether it’s raining or not! Bring along some favorite flicks, and if your family enjoys playing games too, add a few to your suitcase. There is nothing better than bonding with your family over a movie or fun board game. This is another area where it’s good to check with your rental manager. All Oceana units, for example, have DVD players and guests that book directly receive free DVD rentals during their stay.

Detailed Vacation Packing List

Bring equipment you don’t want to rent

Beach chairs and umbrellas are typically available as rentals, but that cost can be prohibitive especially if you’re hitting the beach every day. For those travelers hitting the slopes, renting gear can often be easier than transporting all of your own. Or, pick and choose to maximize your both your budget and your suitcase space.

Remember to pack for Fido too

If you plan on staying in a pet-friendly vacation rental home, you’ll want to make sure you bring everything that Fido needs too. Food, bowls, and medications are a good start. Toys and flotation devices may be great additions if you plan on spending time with your pooch at the beach.

When in doubt when you’re packing, it’s always a good idea to call the property manager to find out what items are included so you can create your travel items list efficiently.

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