Whistler vs. Blackcomb: Whistler’s On-Going Mountain Battle

When you’re tackling the slopes of Whistler, British Columbia, the big debate remains: which is the best mountain? Whistler or Blackcomb? Skiers and snowboarders go back and forth on the area’s superior trails, with compelling arguments in favor of both mountains. To help you navigate the area’s terrain, here are the top five runs for each ability level:

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Blackcomb’s Easy Out provides a nice, wide green ride for beginners. It is very mellow and best of all, it isn’t a cat track! This route runs adjacent to the park, so you can observe the crazy park-goers if you need to give those fresh beginner legs a break.


Make Whistler’s Saddle Run your choice. You will find it to be on the harder side of a typical blue run, if you’re up for the challenge. Always groomed on the main trail, this run permits natural side features for the freestylers/powder-seekers that are pursuing a bit more. Pro Tip: Traversing to the far right accesses the regal Glacier Bowl which will not disappoint.


Whistler’s Flute Bowl is a good option when riding with a group of people at various ability levels. By taking Symphony Chair, the hike up to Flute Bowl is a doable 30 minutes or so, depending on snow conditions and personal fitness level. If you’re after some powder, this area will almost always deliver. The further you walk, the easier the bowl becomes, transitioning from double black to blue, which provides good alternatives for all capabilities.

Groomed Black

This category goes to Whistler’s Dave Murray Downhill, hands down. This run is almost always groomed, which allows for a rapid descent. Categorized as a black, this run is more realistically a harder blue. Wide and mellow, it won’t disappoint those speedster skiers or snowboarders looking for a fast descent.

Scenic Black/Double Black

Head to Blackcomb’s Spanky’s Ladder. Just off Glacier Chair, this daunting five-minute, boot-packed down/traverse opens up to a majestic back bowl with endless amounts of lines to choose from including chutes, cliffs and couloirs, all overlooking the Blackcomb glacier to make for an awe-inspiring experience.

The best way to weigh in on the great debate is to hit both mountains! Find a Whistler vacation rental home for your next ski trip.