Why Vacation Rentals Save You Money

By Jayne Clark


Sometimes a hotel or motel is all you need as a single traveler. But for a couple or larger group, a vacation rental becomes an ideal choice, especially for the value it provides. Whether you’re a twosome or a group of 12, vacation rentals offer smart savings.

Here are seven ways vacation rentals save you money.


Vacation rentals offer great value on your accommodations, especially if you’re a group of friends or family. Whether you’re renting a one-bedroom condo or an eight-bedroom oceanfront manse, you’ll get more space for the money. The average price per bedroom per day of a vacation rental is only $79.30 vs. the $119.03 average for a hotel. What’s more, the additional space per room that comes with having an entire house or condo provides extra value, too.


You’ll save a bundle on meals, since you can prepare your own food in a fully-equipped kitchen. Eating in saves vacation rental travelers an estimated average of $742 on a weeklong stay, according to a Wyndham Vacation Rentals study. The study also found that 94% of vacation rental travelers found having a kitchen on vacation reduced their stress levels, with many attributing it to saving money and avoiding the hassles of going to a restaurant.


Laundry facilities (whether in the home itself or on site) let you avoid costly dry cleaning or laundry delivery service fees. A bonus: Because you can do laundry, you’ll be able to pack less and save on checked luggage fees—typically $50 per bag round trip.


If you rent a house or condo within a resort community, you’ll likely have free access to shared facilities such as tennis courts, pools, hot tubs, fitness centers and other perks you might not find at other lodgings.


Book a pet-friendly property, and take Fido or Fluffy along to save on costly kennel fees. And you can’t put a price on the comfort of having your beloved pet with you on vacation.

Trying out the area

If you’re considering buying a second home (or moving to a vacation spot), booking a vacation rental lets you “test drive” the area, thereby avoiding what could be an expensive mistake if your dream spot doesn’t turn out to be all you’d dreamed it would be.

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Washington, DC-based freelance travel writer Jayne Clark has been a travel reporter at USA TODAY and several other daily newspapers.