Working Out on Vacation: Top 4 Tips for Vacation Workouts

By Annie Grace Fleming

Heading out on a vacation is a great way to see fascinating lands while unwinding at the same time. You don't want to abandon your workout routine, however. It's often difficult to exercise in unfamiliar places, especially with full days of tourist adventures. Take control of your vacation by carving out some workout time. Below are the top 4 tips for working out on vacation:

Top 4 Tips for Vacation Workouts

1. Workout Outside While Traveling

If you're accustomed to the gym, most large accommodation properties shouldn't disappoint you. Treadmills, free weights and stationary bikes are normally open to guests nearly 24 hours a day, depending on the property. However, you should take advantage of the new environment by working out in the open.

Look for a park or lawn outside of your lodging facility to workout in. Stretch, jog and perform weight-bearing exercises. The fresh air will liven up your spirits as you appreciate the natural surroundings.

Be adventurous by heading to a local fitness class near your vacation home. Most sessions are open to the public. You may need to sign up prior to arriving so it’s best to plan accordingly. Talk to the locals during your workout. This part of your workout cannot be replicated anywhere else.

2. Don't Sweat the Equipment Factor

In reality, you don't need "official" dumbbells to exercise on vacation. Your body can be used for weight-bearing exercises. Use a wall or the floor to perform push-ups; squats and lunges are excellent workouts for the legs too.

If you want some weights to improve your workout, consider the use of water bottles. Fill up a standard bottle with water. Place one bottle in each hand. You have instant resistance for your workout.

Keep in mind that the surrounding topography might be a weight-replacement solution as well. Take a brisk walk up a hill or flight of stairs. Gravity's resistance will exercise your legs, core and cardiovascular system.

3. Remember to Stay Hydrated

Your vacation destination may have an entirely different climate than your home's location. Always keep a bottle of water handy during your workout. Hydrate before, during and after the workout. If you're sweating a lot, use that fact as a cue to drink more water.

Consider the use of an electrolyte-based drink along with your water. With varying altitudes and humidity levels, your vacation location might require you to consume extra nutrients to stay hydrated. Remember that being thirsty equates to already being dehydrated. Sip water even when you're not thirsty at the moment.

4. Push Yourself During Vacation Workouts

You want to break a sweat during your workout. Pay attention to your heart rate by taking the count by hand or with a smart device. You want to exercise your heart by raising its rate across 60 seconds. By working out with a little bit of effort, you'll feel natural adrenaline kicking in. This natural high leaves you feeling exhilarated and not fatigued.

Ideally, you should be able to carry on a conversation during your efforts. If you're out of breath, slow down. You're exerting too much effort.

Continue with your regular routine while you're on vacation. Don't try an advanced workout that you aren't ready for. In fact, remember to take altitude and regional climate into consideration as you keep yourself hydrated. Listen to your body, and stop the workout if you feel unwell. Contact local, medical professionals if necessary. Your goal is to feel healthy on vacation.

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Annie Grace Fleming is a Public Relations Specialist for Orangetheory Fitness. She regularly produces content for a variety of blogs that cover topics from health and wellness to fitness.

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